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Life Groups

Life Groups

Life was not meant to be lived alone!  Life Groups are small groups that meet together weekly to share life together, grow in faith, and serve their community.  

 What are Life Groups?

Life Groups meet regularly to do life together.  This means that groups are committed to encouraging one another, praying for each other, serving the community together, and growing in their walk with God together.  Each Life Group is unique, but each one is committed to being connected to others and growing through those authentic relationships.  Most groups meet in someone's home, and typically include 6-15 people.

Why should I go to a Life Group?

Discipleship does not happen simply by studying the Bible, or even showing up at church.  We need each other!  If your desire is to grow as a Christ follower; if you want strengthen your household, then you need to be connected with other Christians.  Life Groups can provide that opportunity for you.

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