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Life Group Questions 9/7/14

All In

Reminder:  Our church is hosting a Community Block Party on Saturday from 11am-3pm.  Be praying about the neighbor or friend that you will invite to join you!
If you owned a boat, what name would you give it?  Why?
What were you most committed to 10 years ago?
How did that commitment help to direct the course of your life?
Read Matthew 14:22-24
After an incredible time of blessed ministry (The feeding of the 5,000), Jesus immediately sends his disciples out on a boat into a fierce storm.  These are two very different experiences, but they each shape the faith of the disciples in a significant way.  Do you believe it’s important for everyone to be shaped both by times of blessing and difficulty? Why or why not?
Read Matthew 14:25-27
Had you been in the boat during this experience, what would you have been thinking?
Jesus spoke words of courage and comfort in the midst of the storm.  Have you ever experienced that kind of encouragement in the midst of a storm in your life?
Read Matthew 14:28-33
Jesus called Peter to take a step of faith in the midst of the storm.  Have you been given opportunities to grow in the midst of storms in your life?  How did you respond to the challenge?
In his sermon, Pastor David said, “We are known and defined by the commitments we make.”
How has your commitment to Christ impacted the course of your life?
How did God call you to go all in for Him last week?  How did you respond?
What does going all in for God mean for you this week?  What step or risk do you need to take?


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