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Life Group Questions 3/30/14

Jesus Is...The Good Shepherd

How is your life different now than it was ten years ago?

What are some qualities of a good shepherd?

Read John 10:14-18

What does Jesus mean when He says, “My sheep know me”?

Jesus says there will be “one flock and one shepherd”.  What does this mean when we think about all the churches and denominations in our world today?

Read Matthew 9:36.  How are some people these sheep today?

Read Isaiah 53:6.  Has there been a time when you were lost, and God led you to the right path?  How did he do this?

Read Psalm 78:52.  When had the Good Shepherd led you through a difficult time?

Jesus is the ultimate example of what it means to shepherd others.  How does this challenge you as a leader, parent, or friend?

Read John 10:11.  What is the ultimate quality of a good shepherd?

How can we live with that kind of focus in our lives?


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